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The gas steam generators is heated by using natural gas as a medium. It can achieve high temperature and high pressure in a short time, stable pressure, no black smoke and low operation cost.

It has many advantages, such as high efficiency, energy saving, intelligent control, convenient use, safety and reliability, environmental protection, easy installation, easy maintenance, etc. Gas steam generator is widely used in food baking equipment, ironing equipment, special boilers, industrial boilers, clothing processing equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, etc. Hotel, dormitory, school hot water supply, bridge and railway concrete maintenance, sauna, heat exchange equipment, etc
The equipment is designed with vertical structure, convenient to move, small floor area and effective space saving. In addition, the use of natural gas energy has fully achieved the goal of energy conservation, environmental protection and pollution-free, which conforms to the basic requirements of the state for industrial production at this stage, and is also a reliable product. And get customer support. Four factors explaining steam quality of gas steam generators

  1. Boiler water concentration
    There are many bubbles in the boiling water of gas steam generator, and with the increase of the concentration of the tank water, the thickness of the bubbles also continuously thickens. The effective space of the drum is reduced. When the bubble breaks, the splashing water droplets are easily taken out by the upward flowing steam, which reduces the quality of the steam. In serious cases, it will cause ash and water, and bring out a lot of water.
  2. Gas steam generators load
    If the load of the steam boiler increases, the rising speed of the steam in the drum will increase, and there will be enough energy to bring highly dispersed water droplets out of the water surface, which will make the quality of the steam worse and even have serious consequences. Steam and water coevolution.
  3. Water level of gas steam generators
    If the water level is too high, the steam space of the drum will contract . And the amount of steam passing through the corresponding unit volume will increase. The steam flow will increase and the water droplets’ free separation space will contract. Which will cause the water droplets to carry on with the steam. Steam quality deteriorates..
  4. Steam boiler pressure
    When the pressure of the gas steam generators suddenly drops. The steam quantity of the same mass increases, and the steam quantity of each unit volume increases. In this way, it is also easy to take out small water drops, which will affect the quality of steam.

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