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Why do customers choose electric steam generators

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many customers will prefer electric steam generators when choosing heating equipment. Why do many customers choose electric steam generators? Xinda boiler to take you to understand.

1. Steam power diversification: electric steam generator power is 3kw-720kw, household can choose small power, enterprises or hotels can choose high power, a variety of models can meet the needs of various industries, different power.

2. Simple operation: automatic control, open with close, automatic water, easy to use.

3. Environmental protection: The combustion medium of the electric steam generator is electric power, so there is no tail gas emission phenomenon when it runs. It is a new environmental protection product.

4. High safety factor: the steam generator is equipped with multiple protection procedures, such as low water level protection, dry burning protection, overpressure protection and other multiple automatic protection devices, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

5. Simple installation and maintenance: small area, the whole machine integrated factory, only need to connect the water and power supply.

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Ship to Canada vertical 200kg electric steam generators

Canada vertical 200kg electric steam generators
Boiler model: LDR0.2-0.7
Project address: Canada
Industry used: textile factory

The steam generator is a vertical electric steam generator used in textile mills. The customer contacted us through Ali platform, because its textile factory has high humidity requirements, after communication, customers choose 200kg electric steam generator. Because the customer has strict requirements on water quality, another set of water softener is purchased. Customers are transported to the location by sea.

Xinda electric steam generator because of its small footprint, steam fast loved by customers. It can adjust the temperature and humidity according to customer requirements, the use of xinda steam generator humidification effect is better.

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Steam generators are used for vegetable and fruit growing in greenhouses during cold winters

With the advancement of technology, fresh vegetables and fruits can also be eaten in winter. So how are vegetables and fruits grown during the growing season? Of course, using greenhouse technology to grow fresh vegetables and fruits. The steam generator is used for greenhouse planting, and the effect is even better.

In the past winter, due to the influence of temperature and humidity, the production conditions required for vegetables and fruits were not well met, resulting in certain impacts on the taste and nutrition of vegetables and fruits.

Xinda steam generators is fast steam production (3-5 minutes), high thermal efficiency, and adjustable power. It can adjust the suitable temperature and humidity according to the growing environment of vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse. The steam generator not only ensures the healthy growth of vegetables and fruits during the growing season, but also brings more economic benefits.

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Causes and treatment measures of insufficient air pressure of electric steam generator

When using electric steam generators, if there is insufficient air pressure, how can we solve it? The following is by Xinda boiler to explain it to you.

1. Heating time is too short
2. The water level is too low

Solution measure:
1. Check whether the heating tube of the electric steam generator is damaged. If so, replace it in time.
2. Check whether internal cables are abnormal and power supplies are improperly connected
3. Check whether the fuse of the electric steam generator is damaged. If it is damaged, repair or replace it in time.
4. Check whether the contactor of the electric steam generator is damaged. If so, replace it in time

If the operation is not proper, it is easy to lead to insufficient pressure of the electric steam generator. Although the electric steam generator air pressure is insufficient will not damage the equipment, but affect the work efficiency. So when we use the electric steam generators, we must follow the correct operation process. If there is any problem, contact the manufacturer to solve it.

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Steam generators for cannery processing

With the improvement of consumption level, people’s demand for cans also increases. The canning process is not simple. First of all, raw materials should be selected, peeled and cleaned. Then the high temperature cooking treatment, processing after the completion of the need for canning sterilization, cooling treatment, and add the corresponding auxiliary materials. In the process of processing, the steam generator can be used to produce high temperature and high pressure steam to cook the raw materials and sterilize the jars. The use of supporting cooking equipment, canning equipment and sterilization equipment effect to a higher level.

Xinda steam generators can adjust the temperature independently, the high temperature steam can be disinfected and sterilized, sterilization rate can reach more than 90%, this is conducive to the long-term preservation of cans. Xinda steam generators 3-5 minutes fast steam, can be 24 hours uninterrupted production, greatly improve the production efficiency. Xinda steam generator for food industry drying, heating, cooking, sterilization, etc. It is also one of the most commonly used devices in the food industry.

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Ship to Korea 500kg gas steam generator

Korea 500kg gas steam generator
Project address: Korea
Purchase equipment: LHS
Application: Instant noodle factory

The boiler is used in instant noodle factory processing. Due to production requirements, the customer consulted about the gas steam generator, and recommended 500kg gas steam generator after communication. Customers mainly produce instant noodles. In the production process, the noodles formed through a series of processing need to be steamed. The steam produced by the steam generator goes into the box and the noodles are steamed by high temperature steam.

Xinda steam generator can adjust the temperature and humidity, improve the taste of pasta and increase the production efficiency. Combined with the matching steam box, make the heating more uniform. Vertical structure, small footprint, automatic control, 3-5 minutes out of steam, is one of the commonly used equipment in the food industry.

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Steam generators are used in the textile industry

In the production process, the textile industry to air humidity requirements are relatively high. If the production in the air is relatively dry, low humidity conditions, it is easy to break yarn, fabric fuzz, electrostatic enhancement, and even affect the production efficiency, serious injury will cause personnel. So humidification is very important for the textile industry. This can effectively improve the workshop humidity, prevent the air is too dry static electricity, improve production efficiency.

The textile industry uses the high temperature and high pressure generated by the steam generators to soften, dry and melt the raw materials in a series of process operations, so as to achieve the process temperature required by the textile. The humidification effect is better if the steam generator is used. This not only keeps the workshop at the right humidity. It also increases productivity.

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We need to pay attention when using electric steam generator

Electric steam generators have the advantages of small and portable, convenient installation, fast steam, high degree of automation, so it is loved by the market, many users in the choice of boiler, will give priority to electric steam generator, but we need to pay attention to when using electric steam generator what matters? Today Xinda boiler for you to explain it specifically.

1. Before the electric steam generator starts to work, check whether each valve instrument of the boiler is abnormal. If so, replace or repair promptly.

2. After the boiler starts to operate, it is necessary to always look at the water level of the boiler. When the water level is too low, the boiler will dry burn due to serious water shortage, and then damage the equipment. When the water level is too high, a large number of steam with water, thus reducing the quality of steam, affect the normal steam supply, serious superheater tube scaling, damage equipment.

3. Pay attention to the pressure gauge change of the electric steam generator to see whether it is within the normal range. If it is too low or too high, contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

4. To check whether the motor is abnormal often, once found how abnormal, to deal with immediately.

5. Check the safety valve every week.

6. After the electric steam generator stops, the water inside the boiler should be drained. We need to clean the steam generator regularly to prevent it from scaling and damaging the equipment.

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Steam generators are used for sterilization in food factories

Why does food processing use steam generators? Any food factory production is inseparable from ingredients, heating, sterilization, cleaning, tanks, packaging, etc., so the steam generator plays an important role in the food production process. Food sterilizer is to increase the steam temperature to about 130 degrees, killing microorganisms in the food under high temperature and high pressure.

Xinda steam generator steam temperature is 171C, which can be adjusted to the appropriate temperature of sterilization. Sterilization can extend the shelf life of food and improve food safety.

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How to choose the type suitable for electric steam boilers

Electric steam boiler is a kind of micro steam equipment which produces low pressure steam automatically and continuously. Because of its compact appearance and simple operation, it is loved by customers. In general, the rated steam power is 3KW-720KW. The following Xinda boiler to explain it, how to choose suitable electric steam boiler model.

1. Usually, 1kw boiler can heat 10-12 ㎡, 100㎡ house heating is the most suitable for 8-12kw.

2. According to the amount of steam required by the customer per unit hour, if the customer needs steam for 100kg/h, 72kw electric boiler can be recommended to the customer.

3. Electric steam boiler power too high or too low can not achieve the appropriate effect, too high will cause waste, too low can not achieve the expected amount of steam, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer to recommend a suitable model.