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With the increasing demand for healthy and convenient foods, the vegetable drying industry is also developing, and the drying of vegetables is a steam generator. Since different food deactivation temperatures are different, the temperature needs to be precisely controlled when drying, and the temperature needs to be adjusted for different types of vegetables.

There are many kinds of vegetables, and the treatment process of each kind is basically similar, but because of the different types, the drying time, temperature coefficient and humidity need to be adjusted according to different categories, so the principle of appropriate drying temperature is crucial.

Xinda steam generator adopts automatic intelligent operation, after setting the temperature, the equipment automatically runs, saving labor, is a good helper in the vegetable drying industry. In addition, steam generators are used in various industries and have a broad application scenario, which is a hot development trend in the future. It can solve the problems of environmental protection, safety, energy saving, exemption from inspection and so on.

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