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Steam generator is a mechanical equipment that uses fuel to convert water into steam. Due to the small shape, convenient installation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., it favored by the majority of customers love and praise. Products are exported to southeast AsiaEuropeNorth America and Oceania and other dozens of countries and regions. it has been widely used in various industries. Here is a brief introduction:

1. Washing and ironing industry: dry cleaning machine, dryer, water washing machine, dehydrator, ironing machine and iron, etc.

2. Paper packaging industry: paper mill, labeling machine, marking machine, etc.;

3. Biochemical industry: fermenter, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, blender, emulsifier, etc.;

4. Brewing industry: winery, white brewery, brewery, etc

5. Food industry: milk sterilization, steaming box, seafood cooking, mushroom edible bacteria sterilization, food factory processing,beverage plants;

6. Other industries: (oil field, car) steam cleaning; Hot water supply for homes, hotels, schools, hospitals.; Bridge, railway and other concrete maintenance; Sauna room steam supply, bath room water supply, etc.

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