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15 ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler In Russia Paper Factory

15 ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler Used in Russia Paper Factory

According to the boiler fuel, the boiler can be classified into coal boiler, biomass boiler, oil boiler, gas boiler and electric boiler.

According to the boiler structure , the boiler can be divided into single drum boiler and double drum boiler. in our factory, more then 10 ton steam capacity, the boiler will be adopted the double drum structure. 15 ton coal fired steam boiler is double drum boiler.

15 Ton coal fired steam boiler which is used for papaer industry in Russia, that factory has more then 30 years experience on paper industy in Russia, after visiting and knowing a lot China boiler factories, finally they choosed xinda boiler to cooperate.

After 45 days Production process, 15 ton coal fired steam boiler was sent to Russia, at the same time, xinda boiler factory sent to 2 engineers and 5 workers to paper factory and help them installation and running the boiler. after 20 days boiler installation period, the boiler began running well. xinda boiler produced 15 ton coal fired steam boiler got the recognition from Russia customers, they promised that will introduce more Russia customers to Xinda boiler.

15 Ton Coal fired Steam Boiler Installation Picture

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6 TPH Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Shipped to Morocco Food Factory

6 TPH Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Shipped to Morocco

Biomass as the boiler fuel, as the low cost,high calorific value, at the same time, environment protection, so this type boiler sales very hot in China and abroad.

The biomass fuel has a lot of types , include rice husk, wood pellet, peanut shell, coconut shell,straw ect.

Biomass steam boiler has the DZH type boiler and DZL Type boiler, for 6 ton steam boiler,most of cusotmers will choose the DZL type boiler, it’s fully automatic feeding and discharging, save manpower and running cost.

6 TPH biomass fired steam boiler shipped to Morocoo in last month, this boiler will be used in food factory. They mainly produce the suger products, it’s a new big factory in the local. we sent professional engineers to guided them installation and running, they are very satisfied with China xinda boiler.

dzl steam boiler

Xinxiang xinda boiler co., ltd. as a professional boiler manufacture in China, the products include coal boiler, biomass boiler, gas boiler, oil boiler, electric boiler. we also produce different capacity steam generators, if you are interested in us, pls don’t hesitate to contact with us.



150000kg Gas / Oil Fired Steam Boiler (SZS15 Steam Boiler)

1.Features Of Gas / OIl Fired Steam Boiler

It uses the most mature three-pass all wet back structure in the world. which safe and reliable. The use of waveform furnace can strengthen disturbance of smoke, increasing the heat transfer area of radiation, which can not only enhance the heat transfer effect, and also promote oil combustion in the furnace, the entire heating surface is in symmetrical arrangement with strong structure and reasonable system of water cycle. The water capacity in steam drum is large, with large steam room and quality steam and small fluctuations of water level in running. The unique setting of hearth and scouring way of smoke surface reduce the boiler heat loss to be minimal.

  • Sweeping function after preset can improve working conditions of burner and extend its service life.
  • The unique design of the large burning chamber can increase the radiation of hearth heating area and reduce the volume of the boiler and NOx emissions.
  • Smoke pipes box around boiler uses multi-level sealing approaches, which is easy for maintenance of the smoke box.
  • Horizontal stricture has area ample heated and adequate heat transfer, the boiler is stable in running when load changes, and combustion efficiency is high. Furnace pipe is arranged low with a large range of water level safety. Steam evaporation surface is large, with high quality steam.
  • It is equipped with advanced touch screen controller, digital prosecution system to achieve automatic control of boiler operation, with a variety of alarm interlock devices to ensure efficient, safe, reliable operation of the boiler.

boiler production process

2. Technical Data Of  15000kg Gas / Oil Fired Steam Boiler

15 ton gas / oil fired steam boiler include the light diesel oil boiler, natural gas boiler,liqufied gas boiler (LPG boiler),pipeline gas boiler, LNG boiler ect, the followings are details data about 6 ton boiler.

Boiler ModelWNS15
Rated Steam Capacity (kg/H)315000
Rated Steam Pressure (Mpa)0.7 / 1.0 / 1.25 / 1.6
Rated  Steam Temperature(℃)174 / 184 / 194 /204
Thermal Efficiency(%)>98
Main Steam Valve Diameter80/80
Safety Valve Diameter65
Infall Diameter65
Sewage Valve Diameter65
Chimney Diameter1000
Fuel ConsumptionLight Diesel Oil (kg/h)975
Natural Gas(Nm³/h)1050
Liquefied Gas (Nm³/h)450
Pipeline Gas (Nm³/h)2550
Weight (T)36.5
Size (mm)(L*W*H)10730*3850*4210

3.Boiler Auxilaries

Xinda boiler still offer cusomers high-level boilers and boiler anxilaries,we also support customized service.

boiler auxilaries

4. Boiler Installation Flow Chart

xinda boiler factory will offer customers installation service all the world.

oil gas boiler installation

5. Installation & Delivery Pictures Of Oil / Gas Fired Boiler

xinda boiler have been sent to more than 50 countries and areas, it has good reputation in China and abroad.

6. After Sales Service

Xinda boiler as the one of the leader of China boilers, we all workers will still try the best to offer customers’ best service.