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Steam Generator For Mushroom Cultivation And Drying

Steam generator for mushroom cultivation and drying

Mushrooms are a favorite food of many people, especially when eating hot pot in winter, it is unhappy without mushrooms. Do you know how mushrooms are grown? Mushroom cultivation is very simple, and the growth rate is also fast, but the mushroom cultivation environment is quite particular, especially in terms of temperature control. In order to improve productivity, the constant temperature steam produced by the Xinda electric heating steam generator provides temperature to the greenhouse to ensure the stable growth of mushrooms.

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Electric Heating Steam Generator For Cleaning Industry


As an advanced cleaning equipment, the dryer is widely used in people’s production and life. Like the washing machine, the dryer needs to be cleaned after a long time. However, the structure of the dryer is quite complicated. It is not easy to perform a thorough cleaning. If it is disassembled, it is not easy to assemble after cleaning. In order to solve this problem, people have chosen to use an electric heating steam generator to perform steam cleaning on the dryer.

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What Are The Main Hazards Of Scale To The Steam Generator


The steam generator is an inspection-free steam boiler with a water volume of less than 30L. As we all know, boiler water is different from ordinary water, it is subject to special softening treatment. Unsoftened water is prone to scale, and scale will cause many hazards to the boiler. Let me share with you the main hazards of scale on steam generator!

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Biomass Steam Generator Vertical Wood Pellet Steam Boiler Industrial Use

Biomass Steam Generator Vertical Wood Pellet Steam Boiler Industrial Use

  • This type Machine have high thermal efficiency, up to the national standard; One-key operation, automatic operation;Quality control to ensure product quality;Save time and effort without installation; Low operating cost, microcomputer control, sound and light alarm;Multiple protection, safe operation.

Wood Steam Generator

1. Model: LSG

2. Rated evaporation: 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 400kg, 500kg, 600kg, 700kg, 1000kg

3. Design pressure: 0.7Mpa

4. Stem temperature: 170℃

5. Design fuel: 6-10mm Biomass Pellet

6. Application: Clothing industry (ironing clothes), restaurants (steamed buns, steamed buns, steamed rice noodles, steamed bread, pastry)
Catering industry (restaurants, factory canteen, restaurants), processing of soybean products (boiled soybean milk, boiled rice paste, processing of various soybean products)
Liquor industry (steamed grain, distillation), indoor heating (indoor heating, heating, humidification), etc.

  • Biomass Steam Generator details:

  • Xinda Factory:

Xinda is one of the largest professional manufacturers, importers and exporters of indust ry boiler, and other pressure containers from Henan, China. We providing coal-fired boiler, oil/gas-fired boiler, steam boiler, hot water boiler, and other pressure containers.

“Honesty, service first” is the xinda boiler as the highest purpose, we are always adhering to the “personal, intimate, all-round” value of the service concept, to provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale one-stop integrated service solution, to create maximum value for customers.

Biomass Steam Generator

Biomass Steam Generator Pictures

  • Our after-sales service: the warranty period of the Wood steam generator is one year (other irresistible factors or man-made product damage is not within the warranty scope), our company’s service personnel to the user free training of the operation and maintenance technology of the machine, the manufacturer’s professional maintenance, timely and effective guarantee maintenance service.Strive for customer satisfaction, only the success of our customers have our development.