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We use the steam generators for a long time will scale, even if there is no too thick scale, it will greatly reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler, not only waste fuel, but also affect the service life of the steam generator, and even occur safety accidents. So we need to clean the scale on the steam generator regularly.

After we have used the steam generator for some time, it is necessary to check whether the steam generators have produced scale. It is recommended to install water softener before water intake, it can effectively reduce the hardness of water, so as to extend the life of the boiler.

We can alkali wash or acid wash the boiler regularly. Alkali washing is used to clean the furnace with alkaline drugs such as caustic soda and soda ash. Its function is to loosen scale and promote it to fall off. Acid wash is the use of hydrochloric acid and corrosion inhibitors to clean the liner, and then combined with alkali boiling. But hydrochloric acid is corrosive to metal, so be sure to pay attention to the amount of hydrochloric acid.

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