As an advanced cleaning equipment, the dryer is widely used in people’s production and life. Like the washing machine, the dryer needs to be cleaned after a long time. However, the structure of the dryer is quite complicated. It is not easy to perform a thorough cleaning. If it is disassembled, it is not easy to assemble after cleaning. In order to solve this problem, people have chosen to use an electric heating steam generator to perform steam cleaning on the dryer.

Generally, in order to extend the service life of the dryer, improve its overall performance and maximize the drying performance and technical level, many dry cleaning shops used to use neutral detergents to clean the dryer, however, this method can easily scratch the dryer body during the cleaning process, so people began to continue to explore and research, people realized that the electric heating steam generator cleaning and drying machine will not damage the body, but also achieve good cleaning effect, so the electric heating steam generator began to be widely promoted in the cleaning industry.

The XINDA electric heating steam generator has high thermal efficiency, fast steam generation, and high-temperature steam generation is quite soft, will not damage the dryer, and will not leave scratches, under the high-temperature steam can quickly dissolve stains without detergent, to achieve a cleaning effect. Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency of the dryer, and also reduce the operating costs for dry cleaners.