• How to produce high-quality tomato sauce with a steam generator?

Tomato sauce is a kind of sauce made by concentration. Several processes are involved in the production process, and the most important one is the use of a steam generator for concentration processing. How does the steam generator work in the concentration process?

First of all, you need to choose good raw materials for making tomato sauce. This is the basis. You must choose to remove tomatoes with green shoulders, stains, cracked fruit, damage, umbilical rot, and under-maturity. After cleaning, send it to the processing workshop, and then use the steam generated by the steam generator for steaming. Concentration is the key step in the steaming process, and steam can be continuously generated and heated for about half an hour.

gas steam generator

The heating process is for sterilization treatment. The cooling time and temperature are determined by the heat transfer property of the packaging container,  to prevent overheating from rupturing the bottle and can, so in this process, it is important to control the temperature through the steam generator! The processed tomato sauce can be stored for more than one year without deterioration if it is well sealed.

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