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⒈ When the boiler is running, ash cleaning should be carried out once a day, open the boiler ash cleaning port, and remove the ash accumulation in the combustion chamber; Especially some large pieces of ash after burning, should be often timely removal, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal combustion of the boiler, and will increase the consumption of fuel.

2.After a week of operation of the boiler, the (waste heat recovery)ash removal tank shall be cleaned.

3. After one month of operation, all parts of the boiler should be checked. Instruments, valves, flanges and other places should be repaired if there is leakage, the water level probe should be removed and descaled, and the dirt inside the water level glass tube should also be cleaned, and check whether the smoke box is tightly sealed.

4. Boiler operation every 3-6 months, the boiler should be stopped for comprehensive inspection and maintenance. In addition to the above work, the following work should be carried out:

(1) Open each furnace door and cleaning mouth, check the smoke pipe, and remove the soot inside the pipe;

(2) Remove the scale and mud inside the drum, and rinse with clean water;

(3) Check the inside and outside of the boiler, such as the pressure part of the weld, there is no corrosion inside and outside the steel plate, if found to have serious defects should be repaired immediately, if the defect is not serious, can not be left to repair the next shutdown, if found suspicious, should be eliminated in time.

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