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Steam generator for mushroom cultivation and drying

Mushrooms are a favorite food of many people, especially when eating hot pot in winter, it is unhappy without mushrooms. Do you know how mushrooms are grown? Mushroom cultivation is very simple, and the growth rate is also fast, but the mushroom cultivation environment is quite particular, especially in terms of temperature control. In order to improve productivity, the constant temperature steam produced by the Xinda electric heating steam generator provides temperature to the greenhouse to ensure the stable growth of mushrooms.

Shiitake mushrooms contain ergosterol, a common vegetable lacking. It can be converted into vitamin D under sunlight, which can promote the body’s absorption of calcium. Therefore, dried mushrooms contain more vitamin D. In terms of taste, dried shiitake mushrooms are more fragrant, because during the drying process of shiitake mushrooms, due to the transformation of the internal structure, more shiitake essence will be produced, which is a unique aroma substance contained in shiitake mushrooms, so dried shiitake mushrooms are used. The stew has a stronger aroma and a better taste.

Shiitake mushroom drying technology is very important, it plays a key role in the shape, color and fragrance of mushrooms. Drying equipment must use mushroom drying steam generator to ensure quality. The steam generator has fast steam production and high thermal efficiency. It can properly control the temperature and humidity when drying the mushrooms. The mushroom drying steam generator can dry the mushrooms while ensuring its maximum nutritional value.

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