200Kg Gas / Oil Fired Steam Generator

1.Characteristics Of Gas / Oil Fired Steam Generator

  • Fire tube structure: few breakdowns,low maintenance cost
  • Corrugation furance:increase heating surface and make the boiler be more efficient
  • High quality material:adopt seamless steel tube material, through X ray test for safety operation.
  • Automatic control:fully automatic water level alarm, avoid overpressure, overheating, safe and secure.
  • Compact design: small size, easy for moving
  • High efficient: 95% efficient reduce fuel cost
  • Burner: Italy brand  burner for stable operation
  • Double safety: double safety

100kg gas steam generator

2.Five Security About Gas / Oil Steam Generator

  1. Stop heating automatically when reaching the setting temperature
  2. Stop heating automatically when reaching the setting pressure
  3. The safety valve relief automatically when the pressure reached the setting pressure
  4. Stop heating automatically when there is no water in the tank
  5. Stop heating automatically when mechanical adjustable pressure controller reached the setting pressure.

3. Fuel of  Gas / Oil Steam Generator

This types steam generator can be classified into gas steam generator and oil steam generator. just the burner is different.The fuel can be liquefied natural gas ( LNG) ,light diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

4. Technical Data of 200kg Gas / Oil Steam Generator

Boiler ModelLHS0.2-0.7-Y(Q)
Rated Steam Capacity200Kg
Heat Output144kw
Rated Steam Pressure0.7Mpa / 7 Bar
Heat Up TimeIn 5 minutes
LPG Consumption12.3kg/hour
LNG Consumption15.5 Nm³/hour
Power Supply220V / 50 HZ
Water Inlet DiameterDN20
Steam Outlet DiameterDN25
Safety Valve DiameterDN25
Discharge Valve DiameterDN25
Shipping Weight850kg
Shipping Size1500*900*1550mm

5. Application of  Gas / Oil Steam Generator

steam generator application

6. Picture of Gas Steam Generator

oil gas steam generator