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Electric heating tube is the core component of steam generator. Electric steam generator because of its compact size and convenient, fast steam (3-5 minutes) and other advantages, popular in various industries, become one of the indispensable products. Therefore, when we use the electric steam generator, we must follow the correct steps to operate it, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the electric heating tube, so as to affect the normal production.

Heating tube is easy to damage several reasons

1. Water quality problem: if the water quality is not good, too many impurities, the heating pipe is easy to burn out when working. It is recommended to add water softener before water intake, so as to filter impurities in water and prolong the service life of steam generator.

2 Voltage problem: the common voltage is divided into two phase electricity and three phase electricity, voltage instability is easy to cause the heating tube power changes, thus burnt out.

3. Water level problem: steam generator water level is too low, electric heating tube has been dry burning, it is easy to damage the heating tube

4. Scale problem: when the steam generator is used for a period of time, the electric heating tube will be attached to a layer of roaring scale, which is easy to cause damage to the heating tube. So we need to clean the scale on the heating pipe regularly.

Xinda small automatic electric steam generators, use automatic alarm device, water shortage protection device, strictly prevent electric heat pipe dry burning, reliable performance. Stainless steel shell, easy to install, safe and reliable operation.

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