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Electric steam generators have the advantages of small and portable, convenient installation, fast steam, high degree of automation, so it is loved by the market, many users in the choice of boiler, will give priority to electric steam generator, but we need to pay attention to when using electric steam generator what matters? Today Xinda boiler for you to explain it specifically.

1. Before the electric steam generator starts to work, check whether each valve instrument of the boiler is abnormal. If so, replace or repair promptly.

2. After the boiler starts to operate, it is necessary to always look at the water level of the boiler. When the water level is too low, the boiler will dry burn due to serious water shortage, and then damage the equipment. When the water level is too high, a large number of steam with water, thus reducing the quality of steam, affect the normal steam supply, serious superheater tube scaling, damage equipment.

3. Pay attention to the pressure gauge change of the electric steam generator to see whether it is within the normal range. If it is too low or too high, contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

4. To check whether the motor is abnormal often, once found how abnormal, to deal with immediately.

5. Check the safety valve every week.

6. After the electric steam generator stops, the water inside the boiler should be drained. We need to clean the steam generator regularly to prevent it from scaling and damaging the equipment.

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