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For hot water boiler, a good running state is very important, which is directly related to the safety and efficiency of the boiler operation. So, we will talk about it today. What are the matters that need special attention during the operation of hot water boilers?

1. Wear the designated work clothes before work, check the boiler water supply, drainage, air supply pipe accessories, safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge is flexible, confirm the safety before starting to work.

2. The boiler water level can not exceed two thirds of the water level, low water level is not less than one third. Usually, the water level is maintained at 1/2 or higher.

3. During the working of the hot water boiler, it is necessary to check each component and observe the pressure and water level. If there is overpressure or water shortage, the boiler must stop running, put the ash in front, and inject a small amount of cold water, but not a large amount of cold water to avoid accidents. During the operation, the fireman is not allowed to leave his post without permission.

4. Conventional piezoelectric hot water boiler sewage, each shift, before the sewage should be properly adjusted water level, slightly higher 2/3, and then sewage.

5. Water gauge is washed once per shift. When flushing, according to the demarcation procedure, first plug the water valve, open the drain valve, flush the steam valve. At this point, pay attention to whether the steam is blocked. Then plug the steam valve, and watch for water blockage

6. When the hot water boiler is in normal operation, the steam pressure shall not exceed the specified working pressure, and the safety valve shall be checked once a week.

The above is the need for attention during the boiler operation, to help you better understand the hot water boiler, away from dangerous accidents.

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