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Advantages of electric steam generators:

1. Environmental protection: The fuel used by the electric steam generator is electricity, which has the characteristics of clean environmental protection and no pollution, so as to achieve zero emission and zero pollution. It is the most environmentally friendly product in the steam generator at present.

2. High thermal efficiency: 3-5 minutes to produce steam, high thermal efficiency, up to 100%.

3. Easy to operate: automatic control, open with close, automatic water, easy to use.

4. Easy installation: small floor area, integrated factory, only need to connect the water source and power supply.

Disadvantages of electric steam generators:

High cost of use: in some areas, the price of electricity is relatively high, choose the cost of electric steam generator will be greatly increased. Therefore, when we buy the electric steam generator, we should combine their own situation to choose, so as to choose their own boiler products.

Xinda electric steam generator can produce steam quickly and has high thermal efficiency. It has a built-in automatic water pump, automatic water level, pressure control, can work continuously. All the equipment needs to be connected to a water source and a power source to generate steam. Vertical pipe structure, compact size, easy to move, install and use.

electric steam generator

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