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Spain 2ton horizontal biomass steam boiler
Project location: Spain
Purchase equipment: DZL
Application: wineries

The project is horizontal biomass steam boiler used for winery. Customers find Xinda Boiler in Alibaba. According to the production volume of steamed wine required by the customer (per hour), 2ton/h boiler is sufficient for the customer. After comprehensive consideration, the customer finally chose the horizontal chain grate 2ton biomass steam boiler. The customer also purchased a water softener, which can effectively prevent boiler scaling, filter water impurities, prolong the service life of the boiler. Finally, the boiler is shipped to the customer’s location by sea from Shanghai port.

Xinda horizontal biomass steam boilers have microcomputer control system, continuous steam production, the whole distillation takes wine fast, is 2-3 times the traditional brewing. According to the customer’s feedback, after the use of Xinda boiler, the wine is very good.


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