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Proper operation and shutdown is an important measure to maintain the long service life of electric steam boiler. Today we explain how to use the electric steam boiler correctly, we hope to help you with your work.


Operation Steps:

1. Connect the water pipe with the water inlet pipe of the water tank, open the tap water valve to supply water, and there is an automatic water level control device in the water tank.

2. Switch on the power supply, and then close the power switch, water indicator light, water pump began to supply water to the boiler, water level rises to the limit value, heating indicator light, electric heat pipe heating work, water pump to continue to add water, water level to the upper limit set value, water indicator light out, water pump to stop adding water.

3. When the pressure rises to the maximum set value, the pressure controller opens, cut off the power supply, the heating indicator light goes out, the heating tube stops heating; When the pressure drops to the minimum set value, the pressure controller draws, the heating power is connected, the heating indicator is on, and the electric heat pipe works.

4. Open the steam valve, pay attention to avoid the steam valve all open at once, otherwise it will make the pressure in the furnace drop instantaneously, affecting the continuous use.

5. Normal steam supply, with the continuous output of steam, the water level in the furnace continues to decline, when the water level drops to the limit value, the water supply indicator light, pump water supply. And so it goes round and round.


2.Stop the boiler

1.The (automatic, manual) transfer switch rotation stop position, at this time the boiler stops heating.

2. Use up the steam in the boiler, turn off the emergency stop switch.

3. The main circuit breaker in the control cabinet must be broken off for a long time.

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