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1.Features Of Gas / OIl Fired Steam Boiler

It uses the most mature three-pass all wet back structure in the world. which safe and reliable. The use of waveform furnace can strengthen disturbance of smoke, increasing the heat transfer area of radiation, which can not only enhance the heat transfer effect, and also promote oil combustion in the furnace, the entire heating surface is in symmetrical arrangement with strong structure and reasonable system of water cycle. The water capacity in steam drum is large, with large steam room and quality steam and small fluctuations of water level in running. The unique setting of hearth and scouring way of smoke surface reduce the boiler heat loss to be minimal.

2. Technical Data

Rated Steam Capacity (kg/H)50010002000300040006000
Rated Steam Pressure (Mpa)0.7 / 1.0 / 1.25 / 1.6
Rated  Steam Temperature(℃)174 / 184 / 194 /204
Thermal Efficiency(%)>98
Main Steam Valve DiameterDN40DN65DN80DN80DN100DN125
Safety Valve DiameterDN40DN50DN40*2DN40*2DN50*2DN40/80
Infall DiameterDN25DN25DN40DN40DN40DN40
Sewage Valve DiameterDN40DN40DN50DN50DN50DN50
Chimney DiameterDN250DN300DN400DN450DN500DN650
Fuel ConsumptionLight Diesel Oil (kg/h)3570140210260390
Natural Gas(Nm³/h)4080160240280420
Liquefied Gas (Nm³/h)15306090120180
Pipeline Gas (Nm³/h)851703405106801020
Weight (T)
Size (mm)


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