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When the hotel chooses the hot water boiler, it is necessary to judge the height of the floor to measure whether the layout of the boiler pipeline is convenient. In addition, it is also necessary to calculate the heating area and the number of rooms, so as to choose the suitable type of hot water boiler. In the actual selection, we should pay attention to the following issues:

1, hot water boiler is divided into atmospheric pressure and pressure hot water boiler. If you choose pressure hot water boiler, then you need special equipment supervision and inspection institute (institute) for external inspection every year, every two years for internal inspection.

2. Pay attention to the water quality requirements of gas-fired hot water boilers. If the water quality of your boiler does not meet the normal standards, you can pass the test and simple treatment, to ensure that the water quality is up to standard; Of course, you can also look for boiler manufacturers for professional treatment.

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