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Now more and more factories choose to use steam generators, so, when buying steam generators, what details need to pay attention to?


1. Thermal efficiency of boiler:

Some customers choose low -efficiency steam generators for cheap prices. In the short term, it’s really cheap. But over a period of time, it will be found that the fuel consumption of inefficient steam generators will be very high, and the gas production per unit of fuel will be very low. Over the long term, it is still a loss.


2. Rated evaporation capacity:
The selection of suitable boilers should be based on their own needs to choose, if the demand for steam is small, and bought a steam generator with high evaporation rating, that is overqualified, but if the steam needs to be large, but bought small rated evaporation equipment, it is not appropriate.


3. Rated steam pressure:
Each factory has its own gas standards, so when buying a steam generator, it is also necessary to pay attention to the rated steam pressure.


4. Rated steam temperature:
In the same way as the rated steam pressure, the rated steam temperature of the steam generator is selected according to the needs of the gas equipment. How high the steam temperature of the gas equipment is needed, then the steam generator with the rated steam temperature should be selected.

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