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1. First of all, according to customer application. Steam boilers are produced in steam, mainly used in food factories, chemical plants, hospitals, clothing factories, power stations and other industries. The hot water boiler produces hot water. It is generally used in commercial and home fields such as Winter heating, bathing room, hotel accommodation.

2.The customer requires rated steam capacity(ton/h). Rated evaporation is the amount of water heated into steam per hour by the boilers. This is our boilers selection need to consider the main parameters. Customers calculate the amount of steam required per hour according to the use of the occasion, such as mushrooms need to sterilize 0.2ton/h, to calculate the appropriate amount of steam according to it.

3.Select the appropriate fuel according to the customer’s own situation. Such as African customers, gas/oil is more expensive, you can recommend biomass/wood boilers for customers.

4. The customer needs pressure and temperature, such as mushroom sterilization needs about 100℃, can recommend 0.4mpa boiler to the customer, the customer can adjust the temperature according to demand.

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