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Electric steam boiler is a kind of micro steam equipment which produces low pressure steam automatically and continuously. Because of its compact appearance and simple operation, it is loved by customers. In general, the rated steam power is 3KW-720KW. The following Xinda boiler to explain it, how to choose suitable electric steam boiler model.

1. Usually, 1kw boiler can heat 10-12 ㎡, 100㎡ house heating is the most suitable for 8-12kw.

2. According to the amount of steam required by the customer per unit hour, if the customer needs steam for 100kg/h, 72kw electric boiler can be recommended to the customer.

3. Electric steam boiler power too high or too low can not achieve the appropriate effect, too high will cause waste, too low can not achieve the expected amount of steam, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer to recommend a suitable model.

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