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With the continuous progress of technology, the service life of steam generators are now about 10 years. But how long can use the steam generators, in addition to the quality of the boiler itself, we also need to safely use the steam generator, do a good job of regular maintenance. The following Xinda boiler for you to explain the steam generators use knowledge.

Steam generators from design to production, we uphold the attitude of excellence, to provide customers with high quality products. The selection of superior materials for each accessories valve, it can effectively improve the quality of products and increase the life of products.

When using the steam generator, the operation instructions of the steam generator should be followed. Otherwise, the service life of the steam generator will be affected and the boiler accident will be seriously caused. Water quality to meet the standard, it is best to add water softener before water.

It is important to maintain the steam generators regularly. For example, winter should do a good job of anti-freezing measures, so as not to freeze the equipment, affecting the normal operation. After the steam generator stops running, it is necessary to drain the water inside the boiler to avoid scale corrosion equipment and reduce the service life of the steam generator.

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