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Electric steam generator is mainly composed of water supply system, automatic control system, heating system and safety protection system. Through a set of automatic control devices, the liquid level controller or high, medium, and low -electrode probe feedback controls the opening, water supply length, and heating time of the furnace lining. High steam pressure set by pressure relays decreases with the continuous output of the steam. In low water levels and medium water levels, the pump will automatically replenish. When the high water level is reached, the pump will stop hydrating; at the same time, the electric heating pipe in the furnace lining continues to heat and continues to generate steam. The pointer pressure gauge of the panel or the top immediately displays the steam pressure value, and the entire process can be automatically displayed by the indicator light.


When the electric steam generator water level alarm, how to deal with it?


1. water inlet is not smooth, water tank scaling is serious: check the isolation net of water inlet valve, clean up the slag; Clean the tank and remove scale.


2. Scale or damage of water level probe: clean the water level probe or replace it.


3. steam pipe using 70-90 degrees of hot water pipe. Over time, the inner plastic shrinks, blocking the steam outlet. Safety valve relief alarm: stainless steel bellows instead of steam pipes.


4. the temperature probe line is damaged or bitten by the mouse, the control panel can not detect the temperature alarm.


5. the control board is damaged, MCU program failure: replace the control board.


When the electric steam generator is closed, the power cannot be cut off immediately. Press the shutdown button to close the feed door power switch. And ensure that the latch of the material door has been closed, the staff can leave.


Prevent granular material from back firing, furnace overheating damage, furnace bridge scaling and spiral deformation damage. If the material door is closed due to equipment failure, it should be repaired immediately. After shutdown, all materials in the silo should be removed before maintenance.

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