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When we use electric steam boilers for a while, we will inevitably face the rust of the boiler. The rust not only affects the beauty of the boiler, but also affects the heating efficiency of the boiler. So we need to check the boiler regularly, and if there are rust, it is found to remove the rust in time. How to remove rust of electric steam boilers?

1. While removing rust, the metal surface forms a protective film. The boiler requires some potions, such as sodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide aqueous solution.

2. When running, the water steam boiler must control the water quality. Use soft water (adding a water softener), and keep the pot water pH between 10 and 12.

3. Use compressed air as the power to spray the abrasive with a high -speed jet beam high -speed to the rusty electric heating boiler surface. With the abrasive’s impact and cutting effect on the surface of the workpiece Spend.

4. The stainless steel steam boiler should be used, and the rust is eliminated from the material.

5. Use caustic soda, but the ratio of water and alkali must be configured correctly. After configured, pour into the boiler and ignite the warmth. But this method is recommended to ask professionals to operate it.

Generally, the electric steam boiler removal is mainly used for some substances that are diluted or other strong alkali or other can react with rust but do not react with the boiler material, because the chemical composition of rust can be almost peaceful or strong or strong. The alkali reaction occurs, and the rust is removed. In addition, in order to prevent rust, the electric heating steam boiler will use the material that is not easy to rust or is galvanized on it in terms of material.

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