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Steam boiler operation must maintain normal water level, when the water level exceeds the visible water level, called a full water accident. At this point, if we do not handle it properly, it is likely to affect the quality of steam, and even have serious consequences. Water shortage accident is one of the most common accidents in steam boiler. We should pay enough attention to it and must strictly prevent it. So today we learn about the phenomenon of boiler full of water and treatment measures.


Phenomenon of accident

1, the water level in the water table is higher than the visible edge, invisible water level;

2. High and low water level alarm sends a high water level alarm signal;

3, there is a superheater steam boiler, superheated steam temperature decreased significantly;

4, feed water flow is greater than steam flow;

5, serious steam with a large amount of water, steam pipe issued water strike, flange joint outwards steam dripping


Treatment method

1. Close the gate damper to weaken the combustion.

2. Rinse the water level gauge and check whether the indicator is correct.

3. If the water level indicator is correct, stop the water supply and open the steam boiler blowdown valve for water discharge. Pay attention to the decline of the water level until the normal water level appears.

4. After taking the above measures, if the normal water level still cannot be controlled, the furnace should be stopped immediately.

5. Open the steam trap on the main steam pipe, steam collector and steam master pipe of the steam boiler to prevent water strike in the pipe.

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