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Horizontal gas oil fired steam boilers, heavy oil, light oil, natural gas and city gas, suitable for a variety of residential heating and production needs. What are the structure and technical characteristics of horizontal gas oil fired steam boiler?

1. Horizontal gas oil fired steam boiler adopts horizontal all-wet back three-return structure, and adopts advanced threaded smoke pipe heat transfer technology. The front and rear smoke boxes are provided with detachable doors, and another chassis, shell and insulation, burning machine, electric control box and the corresponding water and electricity lines.

2.advanced automatic control function using automatic microcomputer program control, integrated automatic pressure control, flame detection, water shortage protection, automatic alarm and other intelligent control, fool type one-button control, just a click can enter the automatic operation state, all safety protection devices start to work, without special duty, so that the operator more peace of mind, worry.

3. the safe and scientific structure design is equipped with safety valve, pressure controller, water level control protector and other multiple interlocking protection devices, safe and reliable, the use of fin type pipe tubular furnace structure, effectively compensate for thermal expansion, prevent thermal expansion cold contraction stress, make the boiler structure safe and reliable, prolong the service life.


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