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Steam generators are a heating equipment that uses fuel (biomass, oil and gas, electricity, etc.) as combustion medium to heat water into steam. Steam generator has automatic control, low operating cost, high thermal efficiency and so on. Deeply loved by the majority of users, it has become one of the essential equipment of many enterprises. But when we use the steam generator, there will be some failures, such as pressure, burner can not start, can not out of steam. Today, Xinda boiler for you to explain, how to deal with steam generator pressure is not up?

1. Whether the pressure gauge is damaged: Check whether the pressure gauge is broken, because the pressure gauge is a real-time display of the boiler pressure. When the boiler is running, the pressure gauge always shows low pressure, you can calibrate it to see whether it can be used normally.

2. Whether the pump is damaged: Check whether the pump works normally. If it does not work, repair or replace it in time.

3. Check valve is blocked: when using the steam generator, it is easy to cause damage or blockage of the check valve, so that the water pump is blocked, and then the pressure can not go up.

In short, when the steam generator pressure does not go up, we should first check whether the valve of each instrument is normal or damaged, and whether it is in accordance with the correct operation method of the boiler. If the steam generator is still faulty, you can contact the manufacturer to see what the reason is.

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