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In order to ensure the normal and stable operation, we should carry out daily maintenance on the steam generator. It is important to maintain the steam generator during the cold winter. So how to maintain the steam generator? Xinda Boiler will give you a specific explanation.

Regarding antifreeze: If the steam generator is installed at a temperature below 0 ℃, it is necessary to take antifreeze measures to prevent pipes, water pumps, water level gauges, and furnaces from freezing and cracking, which may affect the normal operation of the steam generators. After the boiler stops, open the drain valve to drain the internal water of the boiler.

Water level gauge: It is necessary to frequently check for changes in water level. If the water level does not change, the water level gauge may be blocked and should be immediately flushed or replaced.

Safety valve: The safety valve should be manually discharged 1 to 2 times regularly, prevent the valve disc and valve seat from sticking, thereby affecting the normal operation of the equipment

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