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Australia horizontal 2ton gas steam boilers
Boiler type: WNS2-1.0-Q
Project address: Australia
Industry used: pharmaceutical factory

The boiler is a horizontal three-return fire tube gas steam boiler used in pharmaceutical factories. According to the customer’s demand and actual situation, we have developed the relevant steam scheme, and recommend the use of horizontal 2ton gas steam boiler. With the matching reaction kettle heating, so as to meet the production needs. In order to ensure the full utilization of steam, the steam pipe is equipped with steam cylinder. The customer adopts FOB delivery mode. The boiler will be delivered from Qingdao Port by sea and finally arrive at the customer’s location.

Horizontal gas oil steam boiler is full of steam, only need to set the temperature, pressure, equipment into the automatic working state, do not have to worry about steam problems. Clients say it works very well.

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