300kg Biomass Steam Generator

1.  Introduction of Biomass Steam Generator

Biomass steam generator also can be called biomass steam boiler, it mainly used for supplying heat and steam. biomass steam generator with higher efficiency,  heat up only within 5 minutes. common biomass boilers on the market include wood pellet steam generator, rice husk steam generator,wood steam generator, peaunt steam generator ect.  300kg biomass steam generator as the biggest single drum steam generaor in xinda boiler factory, it also sales hot in the market.

100kg biomass steam generator

2. Characteristics of Biomass Steam Generator

300kg biomass steam generator with high efficieny and save manpower, while it also has more advantages about xinda steam generator.

  • LCD full-automatically intelligent electronic control system
  • Fire tube design, easy for maintaince
  • Double safety valve, more secure
  • Lower water alarm
  • Overpressure alarm
  • Automatic feeding fuel
  • Auotmatic feeding water
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Fool-style operation

3. Fuel Option of Biomass Steam Generator

Biomass fuels are organic materials produced in a renewable manner. It include a lot of types, wood wastes of all types make excellent biomass fuels, so rick husk steam generator, wood steam generator, wood pellet steam generator are very hot too.

The biomass pellet types as follow:

biomass wod pellet

  • Sawdust pellet
  • Peanut shell pellet
  • Walnut pellet
  • Straw pellet
  • Rice husk pellet
  • Corncob pellet
  • Other biomass pellet


4. Technical Data of 300kg Biomass Steam Generator

Boiler ModelXD0.3-0.7-M
Rated Rated Capacity300kg/hour
Heat Output216kw
Rated Steam Presure0,7mpa / 7 bar
Rated Steam Temperature174 ℃
Heat Up Timein 5 mintus
Power Supply 220v/ 50 hz ( or customized)
Power Supply Value2kw
Fule Storage Capacity 140kg
Fuel Consumption38-42kg/hour
Steam outlet DiameterDN25
Safety Valve DiameterDN20
Discharge valve DiameterDN25 / DN15
Chimney DiameterD219mm
Efficiencymore than 90%
Shipping Weight980kg
Shipping Size1800*900*2100mm

5.Application Field Of Bioamss Steam Generator

They are widely used for agro industries,chemical and petrochemical industry ,food and feverages industy,laundry and dry cleaning industy,concrete blocks curing industry, hospital and school ect.

steam generator application