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We believe that many customers in the purchase of steam boiler, have heard a lot of boiler manufacturers talk about the need to equip boilers with softeners. For the steam boiler, what is the necessity? Today we will introduce the water softener in detail.

1.Soft water refers to water that has been softened and deoxygenated by the equipment. Soft water treatment can reduce the content of calcium and magnesium salts in tap water, mineral water and other hard water, so that the water quality can meet the requirements of boiler equipment.

2.Boiler using soft water advantages:
1) When the boiler uses the water softener, it greatly saves the waste of a lot of fuel. When the boiler boils water, there will be a thick layer of scale slowly, for the working pressure of 1.4mpa boiler will form 1 mm scale, it will waste 8% of the fuel. Not only the waste of fuel, but also the pollution of the environment.

2)Water softener can improve thermal efficiency and reduce output. When scale occurs on the evaporation surface of the boiler, the output of the boiler will be reduced because the heat from the fire side cannot be transferred quickly to the feed water side. If the water is not treated properly, when the boiler scale occurs, the boiler steam will be greatly reduced.

3)Using a water softener will reduce boiler maintenance. When a large amount of scale is produced in boiler pipes, it is difficult to remove. Scale will cause boiler leakage, deformation, corrosion and a series of hazards. It not only damages the boiler, but also consumes a lot of manpower and material resources to overhaul, not only shortens the operation time, but also increases the overhaul cost.

4)The application of water softener effectively reduces the occurrence of accidents. For such as the selection of softening water equipment, must be in line with the principle of quality, safety, in order to ensure that the water softening processing can play an effective role.

According to the equipment requirements of steam boiler, the use of water softener is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the stable operation of the boiler. Therefore, professional boiler manufacturers will emphasize to customers that water softeners should be equipped.

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