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The tonnage conversion between gas steam boilers and gas hot water boilers. Many users do not know well, and they use the term “ton” uniformly. In fact, for hot water boilers, “MW” should be used to indicate that the tonnage and model should be more appropriate.

The power of the hot water boiler is MW, 1T = 0.7MW = 720kW = 600,000 kcal

The consumption of boilers per hour is the focus of many users’ attention, which is related to the cost of the user unit for the boiler. Generally speaking, the measurement of boiler consumption is mainly depending on the operating efficiency. The higher the operating efficiency of the boiler, the lower the consumption, and the less cost. Henan Xinda’s gas boiler operating efficiency is generally more than 98%. For example, 1 ton of gas boilers consumes about 70 cubic meters per hour. It is a very low gas consumption cost in the entire boiler market.

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