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Steam generator is a mechanical equipment that uses the heat energy of fuel or other energy to heat water into hot water or steam. It belongs to small equipment and is also a kind of steam boiler. Its water volume is less than 30 liters, which belongs to the steam boiler exempt from inspection. According to the regulations of Boiler Safety Technical Supervision, the water volume is less than 30 liters, which is not within the scope of boiler supervision.

Steam boiler is through the combustion of fuel to release heat energy, and through the heat transfer process, the heat transfer water, so that the water has a certain temperature and pressure of steam heat exchange equipment, widely used in the production of factories and enterprises. It belongs to special equipment, high requirements for enterprise qualification, product safety, and the need for annual inspection.

The difference between a steam generator and a boiler in a nutshell is that a steam boiler contains a steam generator, but a steam generator is not a steam boiler.

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