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Starting burner is the first step of normal operation of boiler, burner is also one of the most important auxiliary engines of gas boiler. The boiler may also fail to start if the burner fails. So, how to identify and eliminate burner failure? Xinda Boiler for your answer.


Ignition Fault

If the boiler burner fails to ignite after three consecutive starts, it is judged to be ignition fault. The troubleshooting operations are as follows:
1, if the pressure of natural gas can not be maintained at 3-5kpa, too high or too low will appear the phenomenon of non-ignition.
2. The damper of the burner is too large
3, when using the burner, the ignition voltage device does not ignite, or the ignition electrode is too dirty or wrong position
4. The boiler valve set fails
5. Ignition controller fails


Flameout Fault

It refers to the sudden fire extinguishing during the normal operation of the burner. Troubleshooting operations are as follows:
1. Unstable air source
2, if the boiler is running, the flame detector is faulty, can not normally detect the flame, there will be flameout.
3, power supply instability or lack of equal circuit fault

Xinda boiler adopts Italian imported combustion machine, and collocation of automatic combustion system, to achieve high intelligent ignition, only through the operation of the control system, you can complete the complex combustion mechanism.

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