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Electric steam boiler is a kind of micro steam equipment which automatically and continuously generates low pressure steam. It can provide dry steam for steam box, steam iron and steam ironing clip machine. It is more common in food factory, staff restaurant, soymilk shop and clothing factory. The inspection free steam boiler has multiple interlocking protection functions. Electrical components are CCC and CE certified products to ensure product quality and customer benefits. Heating steam generator is mainly composed of water supply system, automatic control system, furnace and heating system and protection system.


1. High thermal efficiency:

1-2 minutes to produce steam, high thermal efficiency, less loss, good thermal efficiency, tight insulation, small heat dissipation loss


2. Easy to operate:

automatic control, automatic pressure control, automatic control system equipped with automatic water level control, automatic water inlet, boiler alarm, low water level stop furnace and other chain protection

Simple maintenance: The electric heating tube and the furnace body are connected by flange, and the external water level detection is used for easy maintenance.


3. Compact structure:

the boiler occupies a small area, compact structure and beautiful appearance, the whole machine is integrated into the factory, easy to install and transport

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