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Electric steam boilers are one of the common boiler models. Many companies are using it. Today we will understand whether the water quality will affect the electric steam boiler. Due to the different water quality, the impurities in the water will be different. In the following, it will cause the equipment to be damaged to a certain extent and cause a variety of faults. Therefore, in general, we have requirements for water quality. So let’s look at it briefly.


1. Heating tube scalar to break it.

Due to the existence of CA2+and MG2+in water, it has precipitated with CO32- during heating. When the electric steam boiler works intermittently, these precipitation gathered to the heating pipe. After a long time, the more accumulation, the more accumulated, the thicker and thicker, and the formation of scale. Going out, not only the power is reduced, but the phenomenon of slow heating and insufficient pressure will cause the heating pipe to burn and break it so that the boiler cannot work properly.


2. The water level probe is not sensitive, and sometimes the water level is not detected.

Because the existence of the scale of the scale may not be measured when the water level is detected, the water supply motor will continue to add water, and the heating cannot be started, so that the electric steam boiler steam export will flow out.


3. Furnace scaling leads to danger.

If the boiler often uses water containing impurities, it will not only appear the above three kinds of failure, but also bring a certain risk to the furnace body. The scale accumulates thicker and thicker on the inner wall of the furnace, reducing the space of the electric heating steam boiler furnace body. When it is heated to a certain pressure, the air outlet can not be discharged smoothly due to the blockage of the scale. The force of the furnace body increases, and the furnace body may burst for a long time.

The water source of the electric steam boiler should use less hardness of water, general enterprises use tap water or groundwater. Because both kinds of water have strong solubility, they contain various impurities to varying degrees. Water softener can be used to prevent the formation of scale, and enterprises suggest that they should adhere to pressure sewage every day.

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