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According to the form of boiler and combustion mode, there are:
1. Placement mode: horizontal W, vertical L, horizontal H;
2. Combustion position: internal combustion N, external combustion W (Note: chamber combustion furnace S);
3. Number of POTS: single drum D, double drum S;
4. Whether atmospheric pressure: atmospheric pressure C;
5. Combustion chamber structure: water pipe S, fire pipe H;
6. Grate mode: Fixed grate G, fixed double grate C, movable hand grate H, chain grate L, reciprocating grate W;
7. Fuel type: Y (oil), Q (gas);

Among them, W represents horizontal or external combustion or reciprocating grate; L stands for vertical or chain grate; S stands for chamber burner or double drum or water pipe; C means atmospheric or fixed double grate
In addition: LDR, WDR type respectively stand for vertical and horizontal electric heating boiler, R stands for hot water, but not for hot water boiler, LDR, WDR type also have electric heating steam boiler.

For example: WNS2-1.0-Q, divided into WNS series, rated evaporation of 2 tons, rated working pressure of 1.0Mpa, Q gas.

Boiler type code naming is not complicated, but sometimes easy to confuse its meaning. When you are buying a boiler and you do not understand, we suggest asking the boiler manufacturer.

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