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1. Boiler water quality must meet the national standards, boiler should be equipped with water softener, do not use the water softener will cause boiler scaling, affect the efficiency and service life of the boiler, serious will cause accidents;

2. In order to ensure the normal operation of the burner, please use the fuel labeled by the equipment for the oil-fired boiler, and prohibit the use of inferior oil and fuel inconsistent with the label. Clean the oil tank, pipeline, filter and oil pump of the burner regularly according to the oil quality. Gas boiler to meet the requirements of natural gas or liquefied gas, gas pipelines should be installed pressure regulating valve (pressure reducing valve), pressure gauge. The required flow and pressure of the burner should be satisfied. To ensure the operation of boiler burner.

3. Before use of the boiler, it must ensure reliable grounding before use. Once a month, professionals are checked to the main road (power entry, contactor, circuit breaker, burning machine, etc.). 

4. Manual emission tests must be performed on the safety valve every week, and the water level meter of the boiler must be washed. The water level electricity must be cleaned on a regular basis.

5. After the boiler is used, at least pressure (less than 0.15MPa) is drained once; the sewage pipes should be properly connected to the safe place;

6. If the ambient temperature is below 0 ° C, please pay attention to the anti -freezing work of the water supply pipe road, and after the work is completed, put the remaining water of the pump pump head to avoid frozen pump heads.

7. When the boiler is stopped, it is recommended to turn off the power, oil road (gas road) and water supply valve in time.

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