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When the steam boiler is running, we need to check the outside of the steam boiler, so what do we need to check?

1. Whether the safety attachment is complete, sensitive, and reliable, whether the installation of security attachments meets the requirements of relevant regulations.

2. If necessary, you can test the pressure gauge to perform safety valve exhaust tests.

3. Whether the auxiliary equipment (fan, pump) runs normally.

4. Whether the self -control equipment, signal system and various instruments are sensitive and reliable.

5. Whether all kinds of doors and holes are tight, or have no leakage and corrosion.

6. The steam bag wall that can be observed in the combustion room is normal, whether the water -cooled wall is normal, whether there is deformation or other abnormalities.

7. Whether the combustion is stable and whether the chimney is hacking.

8. Whether the boiler wall, structure, platform, escalator, etc. are intact: Whether the water treatment equipment is running normally.

9. Whether the facilities of the boiler room meet the requirements of relevant regulations and whether the management is normal.

10. The welds of the area can be seen in the boiler, and whether the cracks are cracks (seams).

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