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The enterprise should adjust the operation state of the gas boiler according to its actual needs. The boiler does not run all the year round, and it will be stopped for a period of time and then started again. If the gas boiler has been shut down for a long time, before starting again, we need to do the following things to ensure that the gas boiler can maintain a stable working state for a long time.

The first is to clean the boiler, because the boiler has not been used for a long time, the inside and outside of the boiler will accumulate a lot of dust, we need to clean it, in order to clearly find the actual situation of the boiler.

After the boiler is cleaned, it must be dried with hot air, but it can not be heated at the same time for the furnace wall and other accessories, which may have adverse consequences. The correct way is to place an electric heater at the bottom of the boiler for heating.

When the boiler begins to use, it is necessary to place the desiccant on the anti-corrosion tray, so that the tray can maintain a good drying effect, which contributes to its normal use, so as to promote the thorough play of the efficacy of the gas boiler.

In addition to the long-term suspension of the use of gas boilers need to pay attention to the above operation, daily maintenance is also very important, must pay attention to every few months to check a desiccant, add in time; And check the use of boiler accessories regularly, if there is damage, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

To achieve the above four tasks, we can ensure that the gas boiler restarts to the previous good performance, provides the required heat source for enterprises to resume work, and make it worthy of full play.

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