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For customers in different industries, according to the needs of their own industry to choose the correct type of steam boiler is very important, which is related to the cost of the boiler later input and use. Xinda boiler summed up some steam boiler selection methods for your reference.


1. Product quality

In the choice of steam boiler we first look at the quality of the product, because the steam boiler belongs to the pressure vessel, with working pressure, so its normal operation is particularly important, we buy to see whether the product information is complete, product quality is good, so as to ensure the long-term operation of the boiler.

2. Product brand

For the boiler, a good product brand has a certain economic strength, workmanship quality, perfect after-sales service. When we buy steam boilers, we should choose big brand manufacturers, especially the boiler manufacturers of grade A, so that the brand of the product has the strength.

3. Technical parameters

When we buy steam boilers, we need to understand the various parameters of the boiler, such as the thermal efficiency of the boiler, fuel consumption, boiler size, boiler weight, combustion mode and so on. Different manufacturers produce different boiler products. We need to compare and find out the excellent steam boiler products.

4. After-sales service

Steam boilers are used in factories. Due to long-term operation, they need to be maintained and maintained. At this time, after-sales service is particularly important.

Therefore, it is suggested that when choosing boiler equipment, we must carefully choose a good boiler manufacturer. For example, Xinda Boiler, focusing on boilers for more than 50 years, has rich experience in boiler production, and the boiler price is relatively low. Compared with other boilers of similar manufacturers, the boiler has higher efficiency and larger heating area. Boiler cost control is lower. Therefore, Xinda boiler is a reliable boiler manufacturer

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