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After a period of operation of the gas boiler, the equipment and auxiliary machinery of the boiler will produce wear, leakage, corrosion or other damage reasons. If it is not maintained or repaired in time, the safe operation of the gas boiler will become a big hidden danger. So today we want to understand how to do daily maintenance and maintenance of gas boilers, to ensure the original performance of the boiler and the service life of the boiler.

Boiler cleaning: there will be some residue in the boiler combustion chamber, which needs to be cleaned inside the boiler and its gas pipeline.

Boiler anti-freezing: in cold winter, the temperature is below 0 degrees in the area need to take anti-freezing measures on the boiler: if the boiler room is outside, then the indoor temperature is reduced to 15-18 degrees, let the boiler run all day; If the room is unoccupied for a long time, the boiler needs to be drained.

Boiler sewage: Because the flue gas and flue gas temperature is too low, there is water, remove this part of the water from the chimney, and part of the chimney wall absorbed, the rest of the water deposited at the bottom of the chimney, the purpose of regular blowdown is to remove the sediment in the furnace, adjust the quality of the furnace water.



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