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Atmospheric pressure hot water boilers are usually set up at the top of an air outlet, internal pressure and external pressure balance, high safety factor, rarely explosion or other sudden accidents, usually used in residential areas or office buildings, to provide domestic water and heating.

Although atmospheric pressure hot water boilers are less dangerous, it does not mean that the staff can neglect their duties. When operating it, it is necessary to check the boiler regularly, observe the water level, avoid low water level, dry burning and other situations, in order to avoid dangerous accidents, or reduce the service life of the boiler. Xinda Boiler summarizes the following 15 matters for boiler safety.

1. Strictly implement the rules and regulations, earnestly study the professional knowledge related to the boiler, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

2. When the boiler starts working, the user unit and individual shall not change the boiler structure, valve and piping system without authorization.

3. Before taking over the shift, inspect all kinds of equipment according to regulations, including water tank water level (hot water tank, expansion water tank), energy consumption (boiler gas meter), thermometer (hot water tank temperature, boiler heat medium water temperature), etc., check the operation record, check the equipment, and understand the boiler operation situation in detail.

4. The replacement personnel shall arrive at the boiler room in advance according to the regulations, shifts and time, and understand the operation of the boiler.

5. The shift replacement should make preparations in advance, carry out careful and comprehensive inspection and investigation, and maintain the normal operation of the boiler.

6. The personnel on shift should introduce the equipment operation, water quality and boiler blowdown to the personnel on shift. Without the handover procedures, the personnel on shift should not leave the post.

7. Keep the boiler body clean, no dirt, no leakage, no rust and corrosion, and fill in the equipment maintenance records carefully and in detail.

8 Boiler room is one of the key departments of the use of boiler units, in addition to the boiler room staff, relevant leaders and security, security, department management personnel, other personnel without permission is not allowed to enter.

9. It is prohibited to store inflammable and explosive other sundry materials in the boiler room. The oil drums and oil POTS that need to be filled with a small amount of lubricating oil and cleaning oil should be stored in the designated place, and pay attention to check whether there are explosives in the combustion.

10. Boiler room should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment, careful management, do not move or use for other purposes.

11. Boiler room floor, walls, doors and Windows are always kept clean and hygienic.

12. Leaders in charge shall check operation records and environmental sanitation regularly and irregularly to find problems and solve them in time.

13. Go to work on time according to the prescribed time, make a good record of shift handover, and do not leave the work at will or ask for leave.

14. It is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol, doze off, gamble and fight in the boiler room once found serious treatment.

15. Timely report of equipment failure and accident (timely report to the person on duty at night), write a written accident report in a down-to-earth manner. After the investigation is clear and responsibilities are clarified, the negligence caused by accident losses shall be investigated and dealt with.

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