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During the operation of the steam boilers, the water quality will be checked regularly to ensure the quality of the steam, and at the same time, the sewage will be discharged frequently. Then, why should the steam boilers discharge sewage? Xinda boiler introduces you:

Reasons for blowdown of steam boilers:

During the operation of the boiler, the boiler water with more salt and water slag is discharged to the outside of the boiler, which is called boiler blowdown.

The feed water entering the steam drum always contains a certain amount of salt. After dosing in the boiler, the fouling substances in the boiler water will be transformed into water slag. In addition, the boiler water will also produce some corrosion products when corroding metals. Therefore, there are various soluble and insoluble impurities in the water.

During the operation of the boiler, only a small part of these impurities are taken away by the steam, and most of them remain in the boiler water. With the continuous evaporation of the boiler water, the concentration of these impurities gradually increases. big. Excessive concentration of impurities in boiler water will not only affect the quality of steam, but also cause scaling and corrosion of the heating surface, affecting the safe operation of the boiler. In order to control the quality of boiler water, boiler blowdown must be carried out to discharge part of the boiler water contaminated by salt and water slag, and supplement it with clean feed water.

We have introduced the reasons and methods of blowdown of steam boilers above. When using boilers, users should always pay attention to the operating conditions of the boilers, and discharge the blowdown correctly to ensure the quality of steam and the normal operation of production.

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