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There are many kinds of fuels used in boilers, and different fuels differ in calorific value, cost, etc., so what are the main types of oil gas fired boilers?

Divided by fuel:
1. Gas-fired boiler: gas, liquefied gas, biogas, city gas and other gases as fuel; 2. Oil-fired boiler: light oil, heavy oil and so on are used as fuel; 


Divided by medium:
1) Steam boiler: widely used in industries that need steam to provide heat sources, such as food, chemical, building materials, bags
Clothing, medicine, textile and other industries.

2) Hot water boiler: widely used in residential, residential, schools, hotels, flowers and vegetables greenhouses heating, bathing, domestic water, etc.


Divided by appearance:
Vertical oil-fired gas boiler (this kind of boiler capacity and footprint is relatively small, so it is more flexible); Horizontal oil-fired gas boiler (This kind of boiler is relatively large in capacity and appearance, and occupies a large space).

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