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Gas oil steam boiler with pressure, belongs to special equipment, whether the boiler operation or inspection and maintenance, we should pay attention to. What checks need to be done before restarting the boiler? Today we will explain in detail:

1.Pressure gauge, level gauge

Check whether there is any abnormality, the installation of bend pipe and connecting pipe and the opening and closing of intermediate valve. Whether the level indicator shows the correct water level, whether the drain valve status of the level gauge column is correct, and whether the pressure gauge has a legal inspection mark within the term.


2. Safety valve, release valve, release pipe

Check whether the opening pressure has been adjusted to the specified opening pressure and whether the drainage pipe is properly installed. Check whether the drain pipe is blocked and whether there are any preventive measures.


3. Sewage discharge device
Check whether the opening and closing of the blowdown valve is flexible, and whether the lining of the packing cover has enough room for adjustment. Check whether the blowdown pipe is abnormal.


4. Steam valve

Check their opening and closing status for abnormalities


5. Air valve

After hydrostatic test to full water state, starting point furnace until steam, must be kept open


6. Boiler pipeline

Check whether the connection, drainage and insulation of steam pipe and water pipe meet the requirements. After scaling the boiler will overheat, creep, deformation, bulging, serious overheating tube burst.

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