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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many customers will prefer electric steam generators when choosing heating equipment. Why do many customers choose electric steam generators? Xinda boiler to take you to understand.

1. Steam power diversification: electric steam generator power is 3kw-720kw, household can choose small power, enterprises or hotels can choose high power, a variety of models can meet the needs of various industries, different power.

2. Simple operation: automatic control, open with close, automatic water, easy to use.

3. Environmental protection: The combustion medium of the electric steam generator is electric power, so there is no tail gas emission phenomenon when it runs. It is a new environmental protection product.

4. High safety factor: the steam generator is equipped with multiple protection procedures, such as low water level protection, dry burning protection, overpressure protection and other multiple automatic protection devices, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

5. Simple installation and maintenance: small area, the whole machine integrated factory, only need to connect the water and power supply.

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